Top 5 Recommended Bars with Live Music in Birmingham

When you had a tiresome day, all you want is to get to a club with the best music on and best drinks and just spend the night away. In this text, I have lessened the burden of looking for the best place with a list of the top five spots you should try out.


Dave’s pub


If there is a place, locals love to have a good time this must be it. The bar has an outside patio where with the right weather unforgettable moments can be there mainly because you have some space to move and dance around. Moreover, every Sunday they have a live band that keeps you company with live music until dawn.

Billy’s bar and grill


Though it has been there like for forever it’s tasty food and delicious drinks have never gone down in quality, it features live bands a few times in a week. Its warm and friendly atmosphere keep the masses always coming back. Additionally, you get to watch some great sports on their big HD screens once in awhile.


Nana funks


Do you want energy? Then this is your place; Nana funks brings together most young people mostly in their twenties.The area has a fantastic DJ who plays songs from way back till now giving you a taste of the good old times. If you want to let some steam off and have a great time, then this might be your spot.


Innisfree pub


Located in the Lakeside district most regard this place as their second home, from the food, game crickets and to the music Innisfree pub gives you the whole entertainment package. Whether you are a newcomer or a commoner, there is always something you can get your hands on and have an excellent time.


Fox and hound Pub & Grill


There is no better place to be at when you are looking to watch great sports or have a meeting at. It is the type of place where you meet young people and the old; it just has it all. Besides the great music you also get to enjoy good beer and excellent pub fare. Try it out you won’t be disappointed.